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Algal bloom off the South West UK coast, July 2001

In the last two weeks of July 2001 an algal bloom was identified off the South coast of Devon and Cornwall. Water samples taken by scientists at Plymouth Marine Laboratory confirm that the bloom is coccolithophores.

All data were received by the NERC Dundee Satellite Receiving Station, and processed by Plymouth Marine Laboratory Remote Sensing Group. SeaWiFS data courtesy of the NASA SeaWiFS project and Orbital Sciences Corporation.

Algal bloom July 2001 This is a composite of SeaWiFS images from 22nd to 29th July 2001. If you use this image please ensure you acknowledge the Remote Sensing Data Analysis Service at Plymouth Marine Laboratory. If you would like a better quality version of this image contact Kate .
On Saturday 28th July 2001 the Western Morning News ran a front page article showing a SeaWiFS image of the bloom, and reported on local environmental concerns related to it. N.B. The image they used was actually of the 1999 bloom. Click on the icon to view the front page and here to read the rest of the article.
The Daily Mail followed up with a full page article about the bloom on Wednesday 01 August 2001. They published the SeaWiFs composite image seen on this page.
Plymouth Marine Lab's research vessel, Squila, went out on Friday 27 July and Wednesday 01 August. Tim Smyth, a member of the Remote Sensing Group, joined them on Wednesday.
  The NERC remote sensing aircraft also flew over the bloom on Wednesday 01 August.
  On Wednesday afternoon Dr Peter Miller was interviewed live about the bloom by BBC Radio 5 Live. A digital recording of the interview is available here as an MP3.
  Shortly afterwards Peter was contacted by BBC Radio London for another live interview.

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