Research staff: Giorgio Dall'Olmo

Giorgio Dall'Olmo

Plymouth Marine Laboratory
Prospect Place
The Hoe
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 1752 633429
Fax: +44 (0) 1752 633101

Research interests

Relationships between phytoplankton eco-physiology and water optical properties; application of inherent and apparent optical properties for the study of aquatic ecosystem dynamics; phytoplankton acclimation to light and nutrient stress; size dependence of phytoplankton eco-physiological processes; remote-sensing algorithm development; radiative transfer in natural waters, plant leaves, canopies, and the atmosphere; single particle optical properties; in-situ continuous optical monitoring systems; influence of atmospheric depositions on aquatic ecosystem dynamics.

Current projects

National Centre for Earth Observation: Quantification of bio-physical interactions and air-sea carbon dioxide fluxes using satellite and in-situ data; JAXA GCOM-C1.

Recent publications

Dall’Olmo, G., T.K. Westberry, E. Boss, M.J. Behrenfeld, C. Courties, L. Prieur, N. Hardman-Mountford, T. Moutin (2011). Inferring phytoplankton carbon and eco-physiological rates from diel cycles of spectral particulate beam-attenuation coefficient. Biogesciences, 8, 3423–3440, doi: 10.5194/bg-8-3423-2011

Loisel, H, V. Vantrepotte, K. Norkvist, X. Mériaux, M. Kheireddine, J. Ras, M. Pujo-Pay, Y. Combet, K. Leblanc, G. Dall'Olmo, R. Mauriac, D. Dessailly, and T. Moutin (2011). Characterization of the bio-optical anomaly and diurnal variability of the particulate matter, as seen from the scattering and backscattering coefficients, in ultra-oligotrophic eddies of the Mediterranean Sea. Biogeosciences, 8, 3295-3317, doi: 10.5194/bg-8-3295-2011

T.K. Westberry, M Dall’Olmo, G., E. Boss, M.J. Behrenfeld, T. Moutin (2010). Coherence of particulate beam attenuation and backscattering coefficients in diverse open ocean environments. Optics Express, in press.

W.H. Slade, E. Boss, G. Dall’Olmo, M.R. Langner, J. Loftin, M.J. Behrenfeld, C. Roesler and T.K. Westberry (2010). Underway and moored methods for improving accuracy in measurement of spectral particulate absorption and attenuation. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, in press.

Dall’Olmo, G., T.K. Westberry, M.J. Behrenfeld, E. Boss, W.H. Slade (2009). Significant contribution of large particles to optical backscattering in the open ocean. Biogeosciences, 6, 947–967.

Behrenfeld M.J, T.K. Westberry, E.S. Boss, R.T. O'Malley, D.A. Siegel, J.D. Wiggert, B.A. Franz, C.R. McClain, G.C. Feldman, S.C. Doney, J.K. Moore, G. Dall'Olmo, A.J. Milligan, I. Lima, and N. Mahowald (2008). Satellite-detected fluorescence reveals global physiology of ocean phytoplankton. Biogeosciences, 6, 779–794.

Boss E., W.H. Slade, M.J. Behrenfeld, and Dall’Olmo, G. (2008). Acceptance angle effects on the beam attenuation in the ocean. Optics Express, 17(3): 1535-1550.

Gitelson, A.A., G. Dall'Olmo, W. Moses, D.C. Rundquist, T. Barrow, T.R. Fisher, D. Gurlin, and J. Holz. (2008). A simple semi-analytical model for remote estimation of chlorophyll-a in turbid waters: Validation. Remote Sensing of Environment, 112: 3582-3593, doi:10.1016/j.rse.2008.04.015 doi:10.1016/j.rse.2008.04.015

Dall'Olmo, G. and A.A. Gitelson (2006). Effect of bio-optical parameter variability on the remote estimation of chlorophyll-a concentration in turbid productive waters: Modeling results. Applied Optics, 45(15): 3577-3592.

Dall'Olmo, G., A.A. Gitelson, D.C. Rundquist, B. Leavitt, T. Barrow, J.C. Holz (2005). Assessing the potential of SeaWiFS and MODIS for estimating chlorophyll concentration in turbid productive waters using red and near-infrared bands. Remote Sensing of the Environment, 96: 176-187.

Dall'Olmo, G. and A.A. Gitelson (2005). Effect of bio-optical parameter variability on the remote estimation of chlorophyll-a concentration in turbid productive waters: Experimental results. Applied Optics, 44(3): 412-422.

Karnieli, A., A. Zangvil, and G. Dall'Olmo (2004). Atmospheric correction of remotely sensed data at a desert site with the aid of surface humidity data. International Journal of Remote Sensing 25(12): 2459-2465.

Dall'Olmo, G., A.A. Gitelson, and D.C. Rundquist (2003). Towards a unified approach for remote estimation of chlorophyll-a in both terrestrial vegetation and turbid productive waters. Geophysical Research Letters 30: 1938, doi:10.1029/2003GL018065.

Dall'Olmo, G. and A. Karnieli (2002). Monitoring phenological cycles of desert ecosystems using NDVI and LST data derived from NOAA AHRR imagery. International Journal of Remote Sensing 23(19): 4055-4071.

Qin, Z.H., G. Dall'Olmo , A. Karnieli, and P. Berliner (2001). Derivation of split window algorithm and its sensitivity analysis for retrieving land surface temperature from NOAA – Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer data. Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres 106: 22655-22670.

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