Research staff: Dr. Hayley Evers-King

Hayley Evers-King

Plymouth Marine Laboratory
Prospect Place
The Hoe
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 1752 633427
Fax: +44 (0) 1752 633101

Research interests

Ocean optics and understanding the sensitivity in reflectance that can be attributed to various optically significant constituents. How phytoplankton community characteristics such as the particle size distribution, intracellular properties and functional types influence ocean colour.

Development of novel algorithms for application to in situ and satellite ocean colour data, particularly in the coastal zone and using the emerging generation of ocean colour sensors.

Extending the use of the ocean colour archive for new applications e.g. for the management of Harmful Algal Bloom, for coupling to physical and biogeochemical models and to understand how the light environment can impact ocean physics and ecosystems.

Science communication including public outreach, technical training and the development of networks for capacity building in developing nations.

Current projects

ESA Towards Improved Estimates of Ocean Heat Flux (TIE-OHF)

Recent publications

Blamey, L. K., Shannon, L. J., Bolton, J. J., Crawford, R. J. M., Dufois F., Evers-King, H., Griffiths, C. L., Hutchings, L., Jarre, A., Rouault, M., Watermeyer, K. E., Winker, H. (2015) Ecosystem change in the southern Benguela and the underlying processes. Journal of Marine Systems, 144, 9–29.

Evers-King, H., Bernard, S., Robertson Lain, L., and Probyn, T. A. (2014) Sensitivity in reflectance attributed to phytoplankton cell size: forward and inverse modelling approaches. Optics Express, 22(10), 11536–11551.

Pitcher, G. C., Probyn, T. A., du Randt, A., Lucas, A. J., Bernard, S., Evers-King, H., Lamont, T., and Hutchings, L. (2014) Dynamics of oxygen depletion in the nearshore of a coastal embayment of the southern Benguela upwelling system. Journal of Geophysical Research, 119, 2183–2200.

Robertson Lain, L., Bernard, S., and Evers-King, H. (2014) Biophysical modelling of phytoplankton communities from first principles using two-layered spheres: Equivalent Algal Populations (EAP) model. Optics Express, 22(14), 16745–16758.

Bernard, S., Pitcher, G. C., Evers-King, H., Robertson, L., Matthews, M. W., Rabagliati, A., and Balt, C. (2014) Ocean Colour Remote Sensing of Harmful Algal Blooms in the Benguela System. In Barale, V. and Gade, M., editors, Remote Sensing of the African Seas, pages 185–203. Springer.

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