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Gavin Tilstone

Plymouth Marine Laboratory
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United Kingdom
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Research interests

Dr Gavin Tilstone is a Senior Scientific Officer at Plymouth Marine Laboratory working in bio-optical oceanography and remote sensing. Gavin originally trained as a botanist working on physiological, genetics and ecological aspects of plant biology, specialising in marine phytoplankton. In the last ten years he has been developing marine research that directly interfaces optical oceanography and remote sensing to address key environmental issues.

Gavin’s wide-ranging research interests include: Bio-optical Modeling, phytoplankton optical properties, phytoplankton photo-physiological properties, particulate and dissolved optical properties, quality assured in-situ measurements, Phytoplankton production models and validation of satelllite products. He has written over 30 peer reviewed research papers

Current projects

Recent publications

Hickman, A.E., Moore, C.M., Sharples, J., Lucas, M.I., Tilstone, G.H., Krivtsov, V. & Holligan, P. (in press) Primary production and nitrate uptake within the seasonal thermocline of the Celtic Sea. Marine Ecology Progress Series.

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Martinez-Vicente V, Tilstone G, Sathyendranath S, Miller P, Groom S. (2012) Living sources of particulate backscattering over the mid-Atlantic Ridge. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 445: 37-51.

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Tilstone G, Airs R, Martinez-Vicente V, Widdicombe C, Llewellyn C. (2010) High concentrations of Mycosporine like amino acids and coloured dissolved organic material in the sea surface microlayer off the Iberian Peninsular. Limnology & Oceanography 55, 5: 1835-1850.

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