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The Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML) Remote Sensing Group (RSG) activities are centred on the remote-sensing of the Earth's ocean and atmosphere. The group comprises a multi-disciplinary team of scientists with expertise in remote-sensing, physics, meteorology, engineering, computer vision and computer science. The group's activities evolve around the validation of remotely-sensed data, the efficient processing of these data and ways of intelligently exploiting them for real-world problems.

To view examples of data processed by our automatic systems, please try our MultiView portal. This allows access to global near-real time ocean colour data from multiple orbiting sensors. Please select an image below to view example work carried out by the Remote Sensing Group.

MODIS 500m
MODIS 500m data
The monitoring of coastal and estuarine environments is becoming increasingly important ...

A model has been developed at PML to determine the Inherent Optical Properties ...

Near-real time EO data
Scientists from the PML are exploiting their unique capability to process Earth Observation ...

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