Mount Etna from Space, July 2001

RSDAS helps Italian agencies monitor Mount Etna!

Mount Etna erupted on the 17th July 2001 and the lava flows and ash plumes can be seen using satellite data. New fractures are opening up all the time and activity on these can threaten populated areas. We are providing near real-time satellite data to ground crews monitoring the activity so they can quickly identify the location of new lava flows.

RSDAS and Mount Etna in the news

PML Mount Etna Press Release A press release about our involvement with Mount Etna was sent out on Thursday 26th July, this has led to a lot of interest by the local and national media.

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Plymouth Evening Herald Plymouth Evening Herald were the first on the phone after the press release and published an article on the Saturday.

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Western Morning News On Friday, Western Morning News spoke to Professor Nick Owens, Director of Plymouth Marine Laboratory about RSDAS involvement with Mount Etna. Nick also mentioned the algal bloom of the south Devon coast.

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BBC News Website Plymouth Sound

BBC News OnLine also wrote an article about Mount Etna's eruption, and the use of satellites to help authories on the ground. The article featured an interview with Kate Evans-Jones.

Read the article (BBC website), or read our local copy

Both Plymouth Sound and Pirate FM also interviewed Kate Evans-Jones about monitoring Mount Etna from Space.

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